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What Our Students Say...

Read some comments from students that have passed their motorcycle training with us.

One Winter’s evening earlier this year my partner (Chris) and I were sat watching an episode of Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure. Whether it was the fantastic Italian scenery, the warm sunshine (in sharp contrast to the pouring February UK rain) or the delicious food they were enjoying, the idea of an Italian motorcycle tour struck me as a ‘must do’. I made a casual comment to Chris asking what he thought to the idea and before I knew it, he’d booked our CBT. I guess he liked the plan!

Apart from Chris’ ‘FS1E (Fizzy)’ which he’d had as a lad of 16 (some 40 years ago), neither of us had ridden bikes. We blindly approached a local CBT training company and paid our money to be taken through the first stage of our biking journey. Whilst we passed, our experience was less than satisfactory – the protective clothing was old and filthy as well as limited in size options and worse still, my training bike looked as though it had seen the 1st World War - the indicator was taped on and the rear view mirror fell off as soon as I went above 30 mph!. We had ‘the bug’ but we decided we definitely didn’t want to continue through Module 1 and 2 with this particular outfit.

Whilst we were researching other training schools, we were also enjoying some ‘window shopping’ and made a visit to Grafton Motorcycles in MK. Denzel and the team were extremely helpful and made us aware of the Grafton Training School, suggesting we pop along for a taster session to see the set up and to enable the instructor (Tim) to gauge our ability levels.

A week later, we found ourselves at Bedford Blues Rugby Ground, sat astride a brand new NC750 and an equally new CB650F, in shiny new helmets, jackets and gloves. What a contrast to what we had experienced before! Chris sailed through, loving the 750 and the ‘big bike’ experience. Me, however, found it all a little daunting. At 5”6” I’m not short, but these are heavy bikes and the power was considerably greater than my 1 day’s experience on the 125 could comfortably manage (there may have been a close encounter with a hedge, but best not go there…). So, while Chris signed himself up to the Mod 1 and 2 training days and tests (all completed within one week), I decided I needed some valuable road experience so bought a CB125F from Grafton.

Chris successfully passed his Mod 1 and 2 that first week – a fantastic achievement! He absolutely loved every moment of Tim’s excellent tuition and guidance, coming home each evening positively buzzing with enthusiasm and eagerly looking forward to the next day’s coaching. He couldn’t speak more highly of Tim.

I, in the meantime, steadily gained confidence and ability, to the point where last Friday I started my Mod 1 practical training on the NC750, passed the Mod 1 exam on Monday, had a Mod 2 training day yesterday and passed my Mod 2 exam this morning. My passion for the bike and enjoyment of riding matched Chris’ and like him, I can’t fault Tim’s tuition. His patient, calm nature and gentle encouragement only instils confidence. What’s more, his tips for Mod 1 and expert knowledge of the test routes for Mod 2 set you up to succeed.

To summarise, we couldn’t recommend Tim and Grafton Training School more highly. The whole experience has surpassed every expectation and whilst delighted to have passed, the elation is tinged with sadness that our training with Tim has come to an end. However, we hope this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Grafton Motorcycles.

Liz & Chris

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